Guys, I figured out how to use screen 2 auto without root. Devices tested: Note 20 Ultra OneUI 3.1 Android 11, S21 Ultra OneUI 3.1 Android 11.

Step one, uninstall AndroidAuto updates in settings.

Step two, download and install Android Auto version 6.6

Step three, open Android Auto settings, enable developer settings and enable unknown sources and select application mode Developer.

Step four, Download and install AAstore.

Step five, Download and install screen2auto from AAstore.

Step six, setup screen2auto and grant all permissions.

Step seven, hook your phone up to Android Auto and you will be prompted to update the Android Auto app. This is okay! At this point Screen2Auto is installed inside Android Auto and should stay after updates.

Step eight, launch and enjoy!!! Be responsible people.

Screen2Auto version: 3.5-beta

Android Auto version: 7.0.614134-release

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